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Modi should take Gandhiji’s vision forward

The janta durbar held by AAP created lots of chaos as people thronged to the street in large numbers thereby disrupting the function. Kejriwal was severely criticized for the manner in which his party held the junta darbar. This incident only goes to show that the party lacks maturity when it comes to providing governance. Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung should view all these aspects and decide whether the party is fit to govern. It is suspected that Congress had appointed Najeeb as LG to cushion the perceived anger after execution of Afzal Guru. They might have thought about appointing a Muslim from Jamia Milia, as the LG of Delhi to be in their good books.

He must dismiss the AAP government and ask the BJP to take over because Dr Harshwardhan is an experienced and capable leader. Arvind Kejrival must understand (otherwise he is not fit to be CM) that once he invites people with grievances, their expectations will rise and they will keep coming up with fresh complaints ( demands) and there is no end to it.

Congress support to AAP is very dubious especially when Kumar Biswas is targeting Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. It will be extremely difficult for people to understand this sort of funny arrangement and the Congress will be practically wiped out from national scene. Do they want to commit suicide? Forget about Congress, we have to think about the nation.

“Aam Aadmi” should be replaced by “Aam Bhartiya” or “ Common Indian Citizen” by BJP. They must begin membership drive and visit door to door to educate the masses about the dangers of rank populism. BJP and RSS must shed the highbrow approach and embrace the AB ( Aam bhartiya) to put him/her on the right track by teaching them that we need to work for national wealth generation and it’s equitable distribution. They must teach the masses about values of obedience and discipline. There is no point in RSS asking BJP to pull up its socks as the former must take initiative first. Simply sporting a moustache to pass off as a “ Bavarian” is gross misleading and unproductive.

RSS must concentrate of instilling good values. BJP must concentrate on development, good administration, wealth generation, controlling inflation, providing items of day to day consumption on stable prices and measures to curb unbridled growth of population. The saffron party must speak about concrete steps being taken supported by actual demonstration.

Chief Ministers of MP and Rajasthan have started on this path and they must continue with it. They must provide safe drinking water and electricity are affordable rates and seek help on these issues from Israel, Germany and Japan. They must have a collaboration, with foreign countries and invite them for training and assisting our youth. Gandhiji could not guide us on path of progress because of his untimely death. Let this son of Gujarat be incarnation of Bapu to take his vision forward. Stop talking about AAP or Congress start speaking about Modi Bapu for achieving progress.

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