Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Modi should work more tweet less

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted please now start working and stop tweeting. You are PM of a vast country and you must now start delivering. “Scared Arvind Kejriwal asks for restraint, is an apt comment in a newspaper. Friends, the matter is more serious. Our citizenry has become too vocal and is spoilt by the so called social networking sites. Are newspapers, radio and television not a social media?

Newspapers are largely a social media but the Indian television has become propaganda media. It has nothing to do with sociology except for a few channels. I saw Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar saying that people should have a right to breathe clean air. Why include the word “right” in this, only for big talk and no action. You are not repairing roads, allowing too many privately owned vehicles on the road, not taking any steps to curb growing population and talking so arrogantly.

BJP has lost credibility because of too much talk and very little action. Assemble these tweeters, make them run a mile every morning and ask them to undergo some vocational training. Let them learn to do something with their own hands instead of merely pushing an EVM button with one finger. Use both hands and all fingers gainfully. “Delhi ne tere ku ghas nahin dali aur tu duniya jeetne chala tha …”.

The entire central cabinet should be blamed for the BJP’s lackluster performance in Delhi polls. They are all enjoying at the cost of Modi. They don’t want to speak, fearing a backlash from him. Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti is a prime example. Earlier Uma used to speak too much to the annoyance of LK Advani but now she is keeping quiet as she might lose her job. Same is the case with Home Minister Rajnath Singh. A well respected doctor was shunted out from the Health Ministry. So, Modi people have now understood your true face. Start working sincerely from this day. The myth of BJP president Amit Shah has been demolished.

Kejriwal will have to face stiff opposition when he tries to eliminate corruption. They will say, “Are tere ku mofat bijli pane ko bheja tha, mere ko imandar banane thode”. People had not voted for AAP and had voted for freebies. Friends, as I said yesterday and have been saying regularly, the tweeting ministers should be asked to take their work seriously. There is no other solution. There are perverts who keep mobile phone in toilets to film women. Whole day watch pornography and then go to push “ jhadu” button for freebies.

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