Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Modi a visionary leader

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly addressed the nation on the New Year’s eve putting an end to all the speculations people made in the past few days. He is moving in the right direction.  It reveals the fact that only a strong leader like Modi with a vision can change the world. He has rightly unveiled a relief package for farmers, senior citizens, small enterprises, women and the rural poor as a return gift of sorts for enduring the pain caused by the Centre’s decision to scrap the legal tender nature of old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Dishonest, corrupt, are anti nationals swallows country’s income /revenue, snatches away benefits of poor, debars young generation to receive job offers, keep farmers in distress. He is the first PM who has popularity all over world for his excellent and dynamic presentation making India very stable despite too much opposition. No politician in the past 30 years has occupied the public’s mind space as he has. ‘Achhe din’ remains an illusion. The most impressive passion that Modi has exuded is the passion for development; the passion for the uplifting the living standards of the people in India and the joy with which he recounted simple yet memorable data-points. What we need in a leader is progressive mind, sincere approach, positive attitude, and true equality sense, and all these qualities are present in Modi. Faced with massive economic losses, he re-organised the administrative structure and embarked upon a massive cost-cutting exercise.

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