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Modi’s massive campaigning

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We had seen plenty of “Durga” idols made out of clay for worship very artistically using eco-friendly materials. Now we see a real “Durga” in flesh and blood, slaying her tormentor. You may say that it amounts to taking law in our own hands but what does the lady do? If she goes to the police station, they will protect their colleague. So, her resorting to direct action is justified in such a case.

Thus there are a lot of good people among us. For e.g the two men who rescued the lives of mother and daughter who had fallen in the creek. Look at the fisherman, who swam unmindful of his own safety (the competence which he has developed) to locate the drowned vehicle. Fishermen must be involved in coastal trade and security.

Now compare this with the oldest political party which was organizing a public meeting in the middle of busy road thereby creating traffic jams. How do the authorities grant permission for such type of meetings? On one end they are delivering speeches just a foot away there is massive impediment to buses, taxis etc. This only goes to show that there is total lack of sensitivity.

Since a long period of time, we have been pleading to take action for preventing illegal immigration from Bangladesh but neither the previous government did anything nor the current one is taking any initiative. Illegal migrants are the biggest threat to our nation’s internal security. The present government is more involved in campaigning for election instead of working. Raj Thackeray is right when he says, now Narendra Modi will also campaign for local body elections. Modi is on a “toofani daura” and the defense minister is sick. There is an urgent need for solid and silent action on the ground. We are creating trouble for the people by incessant public meetings, bursting of crackers, littering of plastic tea cups and propaganda material. All these practice has to be curbed.

Maharashtra is a very important state and it should have a good and responsible government. We cannot take things lightly. The ideal candidates for Chief Ministerial post are Sharad Pawar ( please reform yourself now) and Nitin Gadkari but no one is making an appeal to them. In such a scenario, Raj and Uddhav must come together in national interest, in the interest of Maharashtra and take a pledge in front of “Tulja bhawani” to dedicatedly serve the state.

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