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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Modi’s proactive measures to fight Corruption

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Narendra Modi, Corruption, India Corruption free, modi government, modi, pm modi, narendra, One of the biggest evils plaguing our nation is the curse of corruption. Corruption in the Indian society has prevailed from time immemorial in one form or the other. Corruption is a slow poison which kills the constitution, the society and the economy of developing nations. Asserting his government’s resolve against corruption and nepotism, PM Modi has already  assured “justice” against the country’s economic offenders. It is to be appreciated that Modi government has provided an incorruptible administration at the helm. It has taken stringent steps to arrest generation of black money as well ensure that economic offenders are brought to book. The menace of corruption and black money has adversely affected us for decades. Under the dynamic leadership of Modi, the government has taken various proactive measures against black money stashed abroad which have led to positive results.

Stating that India stands committed in its fight against corruption, Modi has rightly said that  “The very day that we assumed office, we constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the supervision of the Supreme Court to look into the issue. Government has  entered into agreements with many countries for exchanging real time information on black money,” he said, adding the government has signed the Inter Government Agreement with the US to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Modi’s  government is committed to making bureaucracy more efficient, performance oriented and accountable and their  mission is to build a prosperous India. To achieve this objective, it is essential to fight relentlessly against corruption. Corruption is a principle challenge. Further, corruption has become something respectable in India, because respectable people are involved in it. Social corruption like less weighing of products, adulteration in edible items, and bribery of various kind have incessantly prevailed in the society. Corruption attacks the morality of the justice that damages the society. India is in a crucial phase of nation building. There’s a need to fight relentlessly against corruption.

No doubt our PM  who has faced criticism for demonetisation and GST but these measures had left the corrupt scared and brought black money into the formal economy. Demonetisation was a ‘step’ towards eradication of corruption and black money. It is not the last step in our fight against corruption.  The most prominent among these is demonetisation, which has “strengthened the hands of the common citizen and the government in the fight against corruption, terror funding, Naxalism, human trafficking, black money and counterfeit notes.

The one thing that needs to be ensured is proper, impartial, and unbiased use of various anti-social regulations to take strong, deterrent, and timely legal action against the offenders, irrespective of their political influences or money power. Several steps have been taken to make the bureaucracy more efficient, performance-oriented and accountable. The Government is committed to ensuring probity among public servants and to protect them from frivolous allegations. Firm and strong steps are needed to curb the menace and an atmosphere has to created where the good, patriotic, intellectuals come forward to serve the country with pride, virtue, and honesty for the welfare of the people of India. Corruption may also be controlled by openness, transparency and information costs, intergovernmental competition, localism, party competition, decision rules, collective action problems and public administration. Modi is on the right track because he is bringing systemic changes that will remove corruption for ever.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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