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Bar Bala and Betrayal

One night around fifty bar girls were paraded on highway between Dahisar checkpoint and Kashimira junction, the girls were picked from their

Letters to the Editor: 10 December, 2019

There is no value of human life in our country The Delhi Anaj Mandi inferno in which 43 innocent people perished and several injured does...

Letters to the Editor: 05 December, 2019

Bail doesn't mean exoneration Congress Party should not celebrate P Chidambaram's release from Tihar jail as a victory as it merely is a legal process...

Corruption is an issue cutting across party lines

Media can do wonders, if it has editors with moral values, who dare to stay independent and fearless of political consequences for truthful reporting....

Why was Manmohan silent during Congress reign?

Blame game must be stopped by both national parties (Congress and BJP). Instead efforts should be taken to strengthen our Banking sector as well...

Integrity: A way of life- Part II

In this life we ​​live, we face choices every day that can only be answered. We dictate how we live our lives, and the...

Modi’s proactive measures to fight Corruption

One of the biggest evils plaguing our nation is the curse of corruption. Corruption in the Indian society has prevailed from time immemorial in one...

Letters to the Editor: 15 September, 2019

Danger of traffic fines I have seen on several occasions traffic policemen not issuing challans to their own men in uniform for violating traffic rules. If there is...

Letters to the Editor: 11 September, 2019

The entire city of Mumbai is in potholes would not be an wrong statement as the city is at the mercy of corrupt road contractors who use

Letters to the Editor: 19 July, 2019

BMC and the government alone cannot be held responsible for building collapses in the city. Citizens too have to be careful and alert when

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