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Letters to the Editor: 05 December, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Bail doesn’t mean exoneration

Congress Party should not celebrate P Chidambaram’s release from Tihar jail as a victory as it merely is a legal process that he has been given reprieve from custody in the INX media case after custodial interrogation. There must be a definite case against former Finance and Home Minister of the country if such an powerful individual was jailed for 106 days. The law should take its on course and hope the case is put on special trial so that there is a final judgement soon.

Cases involving politicians who basically are elected by the people for governance should be tried in special courts on a priority basis so that citizens don’t lose faith in our judiciary. The level of corruption in our country is amazing where lakhs of crores of public money is siphoned off and citizens in turn are left to lead a life of apathy. Judicial reforms are the need of the hour to get rid of corruption to speed economic growth.



High-handedness for loan-recovery resulting in suicides

Economic slow-down has resulted in trade-activities become so slow resulting in heavy losses that many traders are compelled to take loans either from private ones or from banks and Non-Banking-Financial-Companies NBFCs. High-handedness for loan-recovery is resulting in suicides by business-families, a phenomenon likely to become as common as suicides by loan-trapped farmers.

Private ones at times engage gangsters for recovery where known gangsters even operate from jails. Banks and NBFCs hire recovery-agencies and goons for recovery of loans directly in knowledge of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Fast-track hanging of gangsters jailed in murder-cases who operate from inside jails can prevent high-handed tactics for loan-recovery by private individuals. But such tactics of loan-recovery through threats and other means by banks and NBFCs can and must be stopped by RBI by ensuring that such recoveries may be made only through legal course, and visits by their private agents to residences or work-places of loan-takers may not be allowed in any case.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Take steps to control onion price

The price of onions have been increased to such an extent that it is difficult for the common man to purchase them. The government must do something to reduce its price. Onion is the staple food of the common man. It is required by us daily not just for cooking but also for making salads and snack items like poha.

Jubel D’Cruz


Spirit of cricket

New Zealand’s cricket team rightly deserves the ICC’s 2019 Christopher Martin-Jenkins’ Spirit of Cricket Award. The team has been recognised for their sporting conduct and high class sportsmanship in the men’s World Cup final at Lord’s in July this year where they lost the game in a nail biting match which witnessed opponents England winning on the number of boundaries scored after the match got tied in the regular fifty overs and then a super over.
MCC president Kumar Sangakkara remarked that the New Zealand team are worthy winners of this award and what he opined is right to the core for even in the heat of the thrilling match the Kiwis never lost their cool and only displayed excellent sportsmanship worthy of emulating. The match lingers in our memory not just for its thrill and chill but for the beautiful spirit of cricket displayed  especially by the New Zealand team.
At a time when cricketers get into all types of tiffs, conflicts, clashes and dirty  ‘sledging ‘ at the drop of a hat the Kiwis  proved that gentlemanliness is still alive and  they have become true role models to the cricket world.
The spirit of cricket Cricket Award was created in 2013 by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the BBC in memory of the former MCC president and BBC Test Match Special commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins who was so passionate  about the gentleman’s game and always  wanted to see the game played in the right way and was keen in promoting the spirit of the game.

M Pradyu

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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