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Modi’s US visit will pave way for investments

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The visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to USA will enable economic cooperation between the two nations and persuade entrepreneurs to make more investments in India. Every business man wants to make money. Those who will invest will ultimately stay if they are able to generate substantial wealth for themselves. Our bureaucracy needs to be trained to understand nuances of setting up a business and the ways to provide assistance, even unasked. On the other hand, our work force must work with dedication and not keep thinking about how to extract the maximum benefit from foreign investors by lodging unfair claims of high value.

Labour laws have to be revisited to ensure that good and productive workmen will be rewarded and those creating hurdles can be dismissed from service. Work, make money and prosper and avoid trying to become prosperous by adopting crooked and legalistic ways. We need to develop manufacturing culture. We are more tuned to trading culture and not work culture a characteristic of China which is ahead of us.

We aspire to become MBA, IAS officer, MP, MLA, Corporator etc; to wield power and influence and don’t venture into manufacturing because it doesn’t look glamorous. We love glamour. The government should start more domestic airlines so that internal travel becomes affordable and pave way for faster and comfortable journey. Recently our nation showed good capability in reaching the MARS orbit cheaply and meritoriously. Such competence has to be displayed in other fields like manufacturing the aircrafts and defence equipment etc.

Political stability is essential. In Maharashtra political parties have broken alliance for selfish reasons which may hamper the state’s progress if corrective steps are not taken immediately. Shiv Sena should campaign effectively avoiding provocative write-ups in their newspaper and they will garner maximum seats. Political parties should focus on the development of Maharashtra and highlight capabilities of all those who live and work in the state. “Balasaheb ka Ashirwad, Maharashtra ka Vikas “ Marathi manoos sab ko saath lekar Maharashtra ko number one banayega”. Go out with vigour and you will win. I just heard recitation by poet Adnan ( not singer Adnan Sami) which was hilarious..

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