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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Monsoon deficit in India

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Rainfall has been delayed this year and monsoon has been below average so far. Even though the rainy season is not over yet but sowing of paddy has already been affected. Rain water management must be continued on a recurring basis irrespective of the government in power. The same aspect is applicable to electric power generation and distribution. However, the reality is something different and hence we have to suffer. For most of us a loud speaker installed in a temple or mosque is more important than the above factors.

People are burning effigies, throwing stones, removing name plates of the railway minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda and stepping on it with starched white dress and shoes. Thus people were behaving irresponsibly and yet no action has been taken against them. Indiscipline and irresponsibility are the bad qualities of a large part of our citizenry. Ponds ( pokhar) and wells ( kuaan) are drying up but nobody is bothered about it.

No one is bothered about what our cows and buffaloes are grazing on. If you visit Argentina you will see the healthy cows grazing on the vast greenery. They are cultivating crops and exporting produce to many countries. On the other hand, we do not give any importance to make our agricultural land productive by adopting modern irrigation techniques. That is the reason we have not qualified for the FIFA world cup. Nations like Germany and Netherlands are far ahead of us.

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari is contemplating dredging the Ganga upto certain with and depth. Gadkari must visit Holland to learn about the dredging technology they have developed and enlist them as our consultants and overseers. Most of our time is spent on discussing politics. Amit Shah has been appointed as the BJP President. Shah should be congratulated for his hard work and dedication but to credit him for BJP’s extraordinary performance in UP is rather farfetched. The anti-incumbency factor prevailing against Congress and SP worked in favour of the BJP.

The protests held by Congress in Delhi are not going to do any good for them. Protests should be held in a peaceful manner so that citizens do not face any hardships. Why did the UPA government appoint Sheila Dixit as the governor of Kerala in a hurry? Is there no water resource management expert fit to be a governor? At the age of 87 why was Kamala Benival transferred from the post of Governor of Gujarat to the Governor of Mizoram?

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