Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Monsoon mayhem

Tuesday’s rain takes me back to 2005 flood situation in the City which was first of its kind and was a horrifying experience for all. The beauty of the City and its people fought back and put it on track as if nothing has happened. Certainly, this island City has the blessings of Lord Ganesha and escaped from the deluge of 26/7 and somehow applied caution and the Government declared public holiday. People were warned of not venturing out unless it is absolutely necessary. High tides were reported and fishermen were warned not to venture out on the sea. Mumbai continues to reel under persistent monsoon rains and the problems go unabated as more and more rain related issues continue to haunt the city. After potholes menace, now tree falls and building collapses are causing ripples in the minds of people. As the roads are filled with rain water, filling potholes is difficult in present circumstances. Again old buildings are coming down in a heap; causing fear among the citizens. There is no end solution as BMC is passing the blame as they claimed that no warning was issued concerning heavy rainfall by weather department.  Monsoon mayhem continues to haunt the city while suburbs and people face plenty of problems.

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