Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Mumbai the maximum city

Having lived in the commercial capital for over two decades, we can feel the pulse of people living in the city with all the comforts and that reveals the real position and standard of living of residents. Mumbai is gold mine and people come here in search of treasure. Hence, it not a surprise that we top the rich list and beat Delhi and Bengaluru rather convincingly. The broad outlook and the attitude of let us live and allow others also live create an atmosphere and the will to share are useful tool for new comers to adopt this city. It is indeed a happy news that even Palm Beach Road in Sanpada is included in the most affluent place in Mumbai metropolitan city. We come across influx of people coming to the city and earn a living here with their grit and determination. Having a great opportunity to start a life and get a chance for a new beginning people consider this place for a headway start and sustain for some time before starting a business of their own or get a decent job as a starter only to make good the opportunity offered in a big way in a short time. A total of $ 820 bn wealth shows boosting growth with all the requirements of IT, real estate, health care and medical sector adding to its attraction. Mumbai tops the list and it is a boon among emerging cities in the world also.

Nickhil Mani

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