Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Mumbai Meri Jaan

No city across the globe is comparable to Mumbai when it comes to hospitality of the people and oneness though politicians try to divide people at times for their vested interest. Busy doctors left their tight schedule aside as they travelled like caravans to treat agitating farmers till their protest was called off in the evening. Good Samaritans arranged food and snacks while children distributed water to the thirsty men who toil all day long to produce food commodities for us. Tearful pictures indeed but Mumbai never fails to look after the needy when the situation arises.

Mumbai has seen serial blasts and terrorism in the past but has always defeated the evils by its unity and fighting spirits. Communal fabric is what binds the citizens who irrespective of caste and religion are always there to help each other. They even celebrate each other’s festivals which are what make Mumbai special.
Mumbai Meri Jaan…..every citizen who resides here is proud to be a Mumbaikar!

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