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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Mumbaikars welcome new night shopping facility

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Mumbai city is glorified with 24X7 shopping facility as one can shop, dine and play all night long and reduce the tension you have undergone in the office routine. The night shopping facility will provide housewives to go for an outing and buy the items required for their regular use. The introduction of this arrangement is introduced at an appropriate time and New Year is fast approaching. Again, we wish to see Mumbai like Shanghai and this is one step in the direction to make our dream come true.

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and just like in Mumbai night life in the metro city is worth experiencing and with additional entertainment it will be worthwhile to go out and make hey when the lights are on. Despite providing such a special provision, it is time to have round the clock police protection for the safety and security of the mid-night shoppers. After all shopping is for enjoyment and having a fear of being robbed during the odd hours will take away the actual interest on outing. Even though both cinema halls and theatres could not remain open all night, it will be a thrilling experience to go on shopping spree.

With high malls opening throughout the night we can see light at the end of the day and busy shopping is expected during weekends and just before festivities. The opening of shops should continue on a regular basis and it should not be tried out on an experimental basis. It is time to stop, drop and shop in a planned way and make your day complete in all respects. As consumers we expect downsizing of price tag with attractive discounts and freebies offered on the eve of New Year. Then shopping will become a real pleasure.

Shopping is really passion for both ladies and gents and shopping during festivities is really fun. With debit and credit cards at your disposal and the ATMs at every focal points it is enjoyable shopping and the night shopping add to the shopping spree. Shopping malls offer 50 to 60 per cent discounts on the eve of New Year to woo the customers. It is best time for shop keepers to move their running stock by offering slash in the prices and the mid night shopping paves way for better shopping time at a leisurely pace after completing household work.

The present day clientele enjoy the new wave of shopping very much. Despite online shopping is prevailing very much, people would like to pick and choose as per own choice by visiting the shopping malls in the main city. We heard of such a facility in Singapore and Dubai and now we are experiencing such a feeling in the metro city. Please take care of your wallets as we find highway robberies are common and do not drink and drive in the expressways and risk your life in the name of shopping at night. Let us make shopping a pleasure and not a burden by falling into traps laid to cheat the people coming in large numbers on the eve of festivities.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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