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My father is my inspiration

I flipped through the writings on the card to select one which would exactly express my true feelings for my fathers. A card which would echo my thoughts. A card which would pen my true feelings for my father on the occasion of Father’s Day. My eyes scrutinized the writings on the cards, a little to my dismay as I could not find the perfect one, the one which reflected my true feelings for him. And then I found the one. My eyes glowed with excitement as I held the card in my hands. My mind read the words quickly. I read out the words aloud for myself…..

There was once a little girl,
With a very strong belief,
That she would never fall,
When she stood on her father’s feet…..

I was overwhelmed. I quickly and carefully put the card inside its envelope and hurried towards the counter. I paid my bill and walked down the lane to my hostel while my mind walked down the memory lane….. I recalled the times when as a child, I could tell my dad all the little secrets, things which I could not even disclose to my mother…. the times when as a young kid, I used to watch action movies during late nights with my father…. when my mother was fast asleep.

To a little girl, her father is always a magnificent person, someone she totally relies upon, loves and respects. I remember the little gestures of appreciation I showed to him, to express my gratitude; like bringing back home some delicacies I received at school for my father instead of eating them. For me, my father was the ideal one and I was my daddy’s girl.

Slowly as I grew up, the love and respect in the relationship remained intact, stood the test of time and stayed firmly rooted. I began to realize his sacrifices for my sake, about how he kept me away from all financial worries wanting me to focus solely on my education and career, shielding me from all adversities, like an umbrella protecting me from all pains and miseries. There were times which were difficult, when there were disagreements and arguments, but they could not overpower my love for him.

Slowly I grew up and time came for me to bid him a goodbye and take on the world on my own. I must admit that I had to face many hardships, but each time I was bailed out due to my father. In his presence, I forget that I am an adult. I take decisions on my own but when adversities strike, he is always there for me. So with moist eyes and feelings of nostalgia, I held the card in my hand going through the words written on it again and again, comprehending its meaning, realising it’s value, and recognizing the validity of it in my life. I got ready to post the card to him.

On this occasion, I would like to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day. It is for them to make life worthwhile for their kids.

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