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My journey with “Surya Namaskar” by chhavi Methi

Surya Namaskar

For me the journey of Surya Namaskars started from a mere mild fitness routine, and now it has bloomed and flowered to the level of meditation. I feel really close to the Divine and a serene peaceful feeling engulfs me when I’m done with my everyday regime of Surya Namaskars.

History Of Surya Namaskars

I started doing the routine seven years back as a part of my yoga class. I could never do more than 30 sets of SuryaNamaskars then, but it was the seed that got embedded at that time in me. This seed sprouted when I did the Art of Living marathon called the “SuryaNamaskar challenge” of doing 108 repetitions at one go. Since then the sprouted seed grew and to this day I am doing it on a daily basis.

Math of Surya Namaskars

when I did this challenge of 108 repetitions, there was a feeling of elation as the achievement had been unlocked. Back home I moved on to 50 of them almost on a daily basis and slowly and steadily increased them  to 108 everyday . Only later I realised that if seen from another angle, I was only doing 54 pairs, which was like a “Mala” of the spiritually significant 108 but somewhere at the back of my mind I wanted to do exactly 108 pairs of Suryanamaskar . So I decided to start on the journey of doing 108 pairs. I had to toil for months to get to this number. Effectively I am now doing 216 repetitions of them every day.

Physiology of Surya Namaskar

For me SuryaNamaskars have been very very effective. I don’t know I somehow feel that I have seen that I have shaped up though not really drastically reduced in my weight but inch loss is visible. It is also given me lot of energy to work through the day.It helps me to come out of pain very easily . Yes pain ! My knee pain started when I went to gym and when  I ran on the treadmill which gave birth to my knee pain ! And somehow shifted to yoga and my knee pain was never came back . Lately Infact 4 days back , my knee pain shot up crazily , and I without fail did my Surya Namaskar . Believe me my knee pain vanished !  It also helps me to come out of my fever very easily . Yes I experienced that a couple of times. Occasionally I do give my body complete rest just to recharge the waning batteries!

The meditative surya Namaskars

Yes when I was slowly and steadily doing 108 it was painful until my body got used to it and I would move swiftly and slowly swimming in the pool of water but getting to 216 was equally tough I did them But literally crying so many times in between . And the process was slow . Playing with my body to do a jump to 216 but I slowly and steadily increased the number even though my body was getting tired , I would sweat a lot but also at the same time it was giving me some divine energy and in between I would want to tell myself “okay come on leave it”. But when I crossed that moment and trained my mind to complete the magic number, I would in no time move swiftly in the groove yet again.

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