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My son prompted me to direct ‘Gravity’: Alfonso Cuaron

cuaron_gravityDirector Alfonso Cuaron says it was his son who asked him to try out something new with space drama ‘Gravity’.

The 52-year-old filmmaker said his son Jonas Cuaron, who also co-wrote the script of the film with his father, was quite bored of his kind of films, reported the New York Post. “Not my idea. This excitement is my son’s fault. He told me, ‘You’re too rhetoric. Old-style. You repeat the same stories over and over’. So I said, ‘So?’ ‘So he said, ‘You need something new’. So I said, ‘Like what?’ So he said, ‘Like something cool. Like about the future. Like exploring technology’.

“So I said, ‘Please. I’m low-tech. I know nothing about that. I barely can do my cellphone’. So he said: ‘We should do a project about technology, tomorrow’s tool’,” Cuaron said.

‘Gravity’ starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is leading in the Oscar race with ‘The American Hustle’. The Mexican filmmaker had no clue that the film will be a hit.

“Anyway, we never imagined we’d do anything that blew people away. Not our idea to revolutionise the industry or science or outer space or anything. I figured OK, it’s an interesting idea, I’ll wrap it up in a year. It took four years!”

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