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Narendra Modi targets Sonia, Rahul with ‘fake Gandhis’ barb

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Tearing into the Congress, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the party has been left without any belief and ideals ever since ‘fake Gandhis’ took over the reins from Mahatma Gandhi.

Apparently referring to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Modi said, “A Congress leader says Congress is a thought. When Gandhi ji was alive that time it was so, but after fake Gandhis came, the party was left in thought.”

Addressing a massive rally – 2.5 lakh people as per party estimates – Modi said that the Congress leaders are adept in “coming out of a pond without getting drenched”.

“A Congress leader came to Karnataka recently and he said that there is no high command in the Congress. The whole party is in the hands of the one family. The whole country knows from years that there is not a trace of democracy in the Congress. They don’t have any trust in democracy. For them democracy has only one meaning and that is to capture power at all costs,” he said.

“I wonder why Madam Sonia and Rahul ji come to the south. They don’t have the time to go to Andhra Pradesh. People of Seemandhra and Telangana need to be healed, but the Congress, which has given them wounds, doesn’t have two kind words for them,” he said.

“It was the people of Andhra Pradesh who gave them power at the Centre but they can’t speak even two words for them. Politics can’t be this hard-hearted,” he added.

Referring to the continued ruckus in Parliament over the Telangana Bill, he said, “What is happening in Parliament? Who is creating the chaos? Even Ministers are creating chaos in Parliament.”

Rubbing it in, Modi said, “They don’t care for the common man, should we care for such a Congress? Should they be punished?”
“Now Congress can’t be dealt with small punishments. That’s why if we have to save the country, if we have to care for the future of the country, then there is only one mantra and that is to free the country of the Congress…it is such a disease that grows very rapidly and destroys the country,” he said.

“They think only they have ideas and we are empty headed. They should look within before they make such allegations,” Modi said.

“A Congress leaders says India is a honeybee, our belief is that India is our mother. Your idea is that poverty is a state of mind; we believe that service of poor is akin to serving God. The PM says money doesn’t grow on trees, our belief is that money grows in the fields and farms and grows in strength with the sweat of farmers,” he said.

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