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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Narendra Modi: The statesman

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Narendra Modi has taken a very friendly step by inviting SAARC nations for his swearing-in ceremony. Situation always improves when you display mutual respect, meet and have a dialogue with your neighbouring nations. It is true that in Pakistan, the Army, the ISI and non-state actors tend to have an upper hand but such a situation cannot be allowed to continue forever. May be, they want to get out of it and abandon it forever and the courage of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is commendable. It will be very fruitful if he announces most favoured nation status for India which will pave way for the flourishment of trade and commerce between both the countries.

When I and my Pakistani captain used to have discussion while having dinner he always used to say that America does not want bilateral cooperation between both the nations. However, this is not true with President Barack Obama who is in favour of peace between both the countries. There is a possibility of betterment of bilateral ties between India and Pakistan.

Both Modi and Sharif should have bilateral dialogue and seek consensus among parliamentarians to accept the line of control as the permanent border between both the nations. Once, the groundwork is prepared, make a declaration in a mutually acceptable manner. Both the PM’s should agree to reign in or ignore the hardliners amongst them. What action will Pakistan now take against underworld don Dawood Ibrahim who has relocated to an unknown location in Af-Pak border from Karachi? Pakistan must handover Dawood to India who has masterminded the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast.

The most delicious apple I have eaten was at Karachi. Why should not such fruits become available to all of us through opening up the trade between both the nations? We are two brotherly nations and our produce should be shared unhindered which will enable us to control inflation. If a commodity like onion becomes expensive in India due to scarcity then we can procure if from Pakistan and vice-versa.

We must have strong alliance with Japan. We must learn a lot from them by arranging training programmes for our youth. Talented youth must be selected and training should be imparted to them under the guidance of Japanese technicians. Such trainers can also be sought from other countries like Pakistan, Europe and Britain. Selecting and training our youth for employable trades is the top priority to find employment for them and deploy them for infrastructure development work. Lengthy discussions pertaining to India and Pakistan must be avoided on television channels.

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