Friday, July 30, 2021
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Narendra Modi vs the Dynasty

May the proletariat of the two states be sensible enough to vote for the BJP instead of the hypocritical Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi, who still utters foolish innuendos against PM Modi along with his cohorts. Hopefully the torchbearers of Congress party will become its pallbearers. We are worried about the media and intellectuals of this land who ran outside to get educated in England and Ivy Leagues to mimic the behaviour of the white man here over the natives of this land. Modi is winning because there is truth behind him. Whereas, opposition do not having it right at this moment. This Congress Party should not boast now or muttering about Modi showing his inked finger tip in the public! He does do not abuse any members of the Congress Party! The fake dreams sellers have shattered their own dreams, so wake up and do your homework to win people’s trust. It was a foregone conclusion which is why the Congress hastily anointed Rahul Gandhi as President a few days before the results are announced.

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