Monday, June 21, 2021
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National importance of Aadhaar card

Mainly and most importantly the Aadhaar card is meant for the all round security of our nation India and all its economic policies. Therefore, the judiciary and all the political parties are requested in the most vital national interest not to make any kind of issue of this most vital card anywhere, in any way whatsoever. The Aadhaar card can help the police to catch very easily and swiftly any cross border terrorist, domestic goons and a huge number of antisocial as well as antinational elements. Even if it is linked with the death certificate, nothing is wrong, but 100 per cent practical in the nation’s security, as said above. The presence of the Aadhaar card will show, who is dead, a common, innocent Indian or an antinational criminal. But still it can be manipulated. We should have some kind of security background attached with Aadhaar Card like any Criminal History, at places they have stayed, at places they have worked or committed any small or big crime etc. Every card holder will have score as per their criminal files or records even if they broke a traffic signal. Thus, crime rate will come down automatically to a very great extent because we Indians don’t like to show Black Tags to others. If we work so hard to get good CSIL score then think how much we will try to maintain personal security score.

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