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National interest must come first

We have recently witnessed mishaps involving Naval Craft and the military aircrafts. Accidents do occur and probe must be conducted and steps must be taken to prevent mishaps. On the other hand, it has been observed that most of the meritorious boys and girls refrain from joining the Army, Navy and Air Forces. They are keen to get tickets from AAP for contesting Lok Sabha elections. Young leaders belonging to AAP should have joined the armed forces and the same aspect applies to other political parties too. Why do leaders like Sushma Swaraj get elated when someone proposes her name for the next deputy Prime Minister? Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal had said that Arun Jaitley could be offered the deputy PM’s post if NDA forms the next government.

Whatever has happened is past but the new government must draft a law that requires a person to perform two year national service before joining the Central Civil Services. This norm must also apply to persons who seek ticket for the Lok Sabha elections. If that happens, you will not find persons like Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Biswas, Shazia Ilmi etc; behaving in an irresponsible manner. They are least bothered about the development of the nation and yet expect political power by conducting themselves obnoxiously.

The training offered by Air Force and Navy needs to be upgraded and made more effective. I am not criticizing them unnecessarily but only pointing out that there is room for betterment. They should visit the colleges to select the cadets (talent scouting). Sailors retire too early from the Navy. Experienced officials must serve the Navy for a long period of time. Selection of GP ratings is largely undertaken by brokers in Merchant Shipping which is creating regional imbalance and responsible for deterioration in quality of services. More interaction should happen between senior Merchant Shipping officers and Naval officers as the former possesses more experience. Navy can select some Masters and Chief Engineers on vacation (or even otherwise) who can assist them in operation of the crafts through healthy transfer of knowledge.

We are becoming a nation that wastes too much time in electioneering. This practices has to be curtailed. Uma Bharti is likely to contest against Sonia Gandhi and Smriti Irani against Rahul Gandhi. What sort of contest are we conceptualizing? Uma Bharti will contest election from Jhansi. Earlier she was keen to contest from Bhopal and Rae Bareli. Has she taken this decision for personal reasons or does it have anything to do with the nation’s development agenda? Gul Panag is contesting because perhaps her popularity graph is dipping in films. She intends to regain it by contesting election. Both Gul and Kiran Kher must lose election (they should have served Defence Forces instead of seeking publicity right away). Our voters should vote for the right candidate and avoid a fractured mandate to keep trouble makers and publicity seekers at bay. National interest must come first.

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