Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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National Pursuits

We saw that China has demonstrated capability to build and operate a passenger Drone. We, at Delhi University, are keen to discuss issues concerning building of Ram temple at Ayodhya.

This morning, I read a report of co-passenger of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who saw Netaji”s coat having caught fire and in all probability, he could not survive that crash. Now see, how much time we wasted needlessly in meeting extended family of Netaji in India and Germany on issues connected with his demise. If we meet to discuss his enthusiasm and patriotism, it will not be wrong but to meet to reinvent controversy is needless. We could have spent that much time and effort in taking stock of our defense preparedness by personally visiting the BSF jawans on the border and trying to access if they are adequately provided for.

Ram temple issue is one on which I have written several times that it must be negotiated locally by sincere persuasion and spirit of give and take. In India all of us believe that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya, so we can pursue our Muslim brethren to give up the land in exchange of a decent compensation, expressing gratitude. Now, Babar was not born there, though, there could have been a Babri Masjid BUT surely; the place was not his birthplace. If we negotiate honestly (without teasing) then, Muslims may surely agree, okay, we make the Masjid and an Idgah, a respectable distance away. But if your intention is to be one-up, confrontationist and trying to let the Muslims down, then the problems defy solution. If you are sincere to obtain a solution, it will surely come; otherwise we shall be increasing differences and animosity.

Our tendency seems to double the wages of MPs and Government employees, to keep them happy, and forget or browbeat others, then we shall witness people falling to gratification or temptation.
Many a times, I have made suggestions to start a limited national service of one year or two years to improve discipline and promote good tendencies.

People say, we should be like the Israelis, without seeing the high level of training their youth receives. Without training and regular practice, our defense preparedness will always be found wanting as we are witnessing at present. We need to motivate our youth by mobilizing them and putting them through rigorous training. These days I see comments on Facebook; we don’t need bullet train but bulletproof jackets. Now, how can you call them wrong?

Coming to basics, we are not worried about population growth, about reducing private vehicles on the road, about building parking lots, about taking steps to deal with construction waste lying around uncleared. We do not respect each other; look at the quips and statements of Kejriwal ji, Arun Jaitley ji and others. We go at each other’s throats on TV and print but when facing each other, look at the way they “ Namaste” each other like award winning film actors.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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