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NCB registered many fake cases in which people were implicated and robbed?

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ncb, ncb office, narcotics control bureau, sameer, sameer wankhede, wankhede, nawab, malik, nawab malik, aryan khanNawab Malik’s bold stand was widely appreciated. He stood his ground by exposing NCB’s corrupt officers. Now that an extortion angle has entered the narrative, things are getting obscure and vague. Sameer Dawood Wankhede will no longer be able to escape from going to jail for forgery if the charges are proven in ongoing investigations but if he carries on in spite of being guilty then understand there is no rule of law in the country.

In UPSC, he had filed the certificate of being a Dalit (SC) i.e., Hindu, at the same time he was signing the Nikahnama by becoming a Muslim. His Muslim brother-in-law is a witness to that Nikahnama. He cannot say that he was a Muslim at the time of marriage and later became a Hindu and was a Hindu when he got his SC certificate made.

Surprisingly, even after his fraud got exposed, some journalists and assigned IT cell members are defending him and he himself is calling the evidence against him a breach of his family privacy. Wankhede has compromised the privacy of many celebrities by making their WhatsApp chat public. There were a series of newsroom coverage and prime time debates. He showed no maturity while compromising these celebrities. See, Karma needs no address, today Wankhede is getting haunted by the same media.

Remember, when Alok Verma as the CBI chief, had investigated the complaint of taking huge bribes against some CBI officers. Later on, after transferring them, the CBI headquarters were raided overnight and the files and other documents of that alleged bribery were confiscated. After that, the case was hushed up by paying quite a lot of money in the BJP party fund and even today the CBI officer is enjoying his service extension. The officers who earn and share their bribery are liked by the governments.

Nawab Malik has made another big allegation against Sameer Wankhede by issuing a four-page letter which was sent to him by some whistleblower alleging the 26 NCB cases in the last year in which Sameer Wankhede along with his officers had made extortion. The letter also names the Commissioner of Delhi Police and the then NCB DG Rakesh Asthana.

The letter says recovery was also made from Bollywood actors. Nawab Malik says that he has been sent this letter by an employee of NCB from the post, after which he has also sent this letter to the DG of NCB so that they too should include the said letter in their investigation.

Nawab Malik, while releasing the letter sent by an unidentified NCB employee, said that ever since Sameer Wankhede was appointed as NCB Mumbai Zonal Director, he has been making fake cases. When Rakesh Asthana was the Director-General of Narcotics Control Bureau, he had sent an officer of his choice to Mumbai as the chief of the SIT to investigate the Sushant Singh Rajput drugs case. Along with this, Sameer Wankhede was also made the Zonal Director of Mumbai Zone after taking approval from Home Minister Amit Shah.

After this promotion, Sameer Wankhede along with this officer started implicating Bollywood actors in fake drugs cases. The letter has also alleged that Wankhede has extorted crores of rupees from the film artists after registering the cases. Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone, Karishma Prakash, Shraddha Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Bharti Singh, Harsh Limbachiyaa, Rhea Chakraborty, Shobhit Chakraborty and Arjun Rampal were unnecessarily harassed for perks and publicity.

It has been said that the lawyer is a friend of Sameer Wankhede and used to come and go to the NCB office without any restrictions. In the letter, it is also alleged that Sameer Wankhede used to approach every actor, and asked them to hire his lawyer friend for further negotiations. It has also been alleged in this letter that Samir Wankhede always implicated innocent people in false cases to get his news published in the media.

Sameer Wankhede had also formed a separate team in which there were many officers and employees of NCB to run their fake raid racket. It has also been written in that letter that if less quantity of drugs were found in the possession of the accused, then more quantity of drugs was shown so that the accused could not get bail unless he pay a huge amount as a bribe.

It has also been alleged that Sameer Wankhede’s some henchmen used to provide drugs to him so that drugs could be shown on the arrested accused in false cases. This unidentified NCB employee has alleged in his letter that Riya Chakraborty and Shobhik Chakraborty were implicated unreasonably. It has also been said in the letter that when the people of NCB used to go to the houses of the accused of search, they used to rob them of money and gold ornaments besides extorting money from them.

The letter also mentions implicating Nawab Malik’s son-in-law Sameer Khan in a false case. NCB arrested Sameer Khan by showing 200 kg of tobacco as ganja. In a way, NCB registered 26 different fake cases in which people were implicated in false cases and sent to jail. Above all lakhs of rupees were also collected from all these people to ease the case. If this letter has to be believed then, there is a serious concern. Hope the investigating agencies conduct their unbiased inquiries and expose the wrongdoing of NCB officers.


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Vaidehi Taman
Vaidehi Taman
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