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NDA gears up for ‘Clean India’ mission

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We have always been good in making idealistic statements, writing flowery prose and singing good songs on idealism but when it comes to working, we fare poorly. We talk about starting bullet trains, but our normal trains derail every now and then. Frequent failures occur in our electric system for the engines and malfunctioning of signals. The Indian Railways is very big network and functions reasonably well. It has large manpower who do function as efficiently as they should given their good salaries and facilities.

Same is the case with all the other departments. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad paid a surprise visit to a post office at Gol Dak Khana and was disappointed to find cobwebs and dirty files. He reprimanded the officials for not maintaining cleanliness. In the film “ Babul” post master was quite efficient and had even returned ‘duanni’ ( two rupee coin) to Munnawar Sultana. On the other hand Ram Vilas Paswan took a broom to the streets. Education Minister Smriti Irani was among the first to take a broom and shovel at a government-run Kendriya Vidyalaya school last week. But images of workers purportedly littering the venues before the photo-ops were seized by the opposition Congress. Post office employees have been performing good job for last several years. There is a big gap between what we say and what we do and this must be bridged if we have to make progress.

A minister in the Bihar government had to hide under the stage to escape being killed. His head has been bandaged. Then we say, Bihar has been crucible of education and Buddhism. I have mentioned several times that citizen development is the most important job for us. The situation has changed drastically today as candidates switch loyalties very easily today if they are denied ticket to contest election. This is our idealism. Instead of offering Bhagvad Gita to Barack Obama, Modi should give it to such type of politicians.

Modi is slowly turning into a one man army, one man show. He will launch Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan on October 2 but the streets are not being swept. All of us must participate in the cleanliness drive but we must also ensure that the staff recruited for the specific job must perform their duties amicably. For setting up projects of national importance, we can practice “Bhoodan” ( with persuasion) , which we learnt from Vinoba Bhave. There is no need to wait for any legislation.

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