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NDA government must tame price rise

Our businessmen have a tendency to indulge in illegal activities like hoarding and black marketing but the government turns a blind eye towards this issue. They either pass the buck on state government or ask the police to take stringent action against them. Have you seen any minister of state or centre supervising the anti-hoarding drive undertaken by the police? Controlling price of essential commodities is a task which needs to be monitored on a day to day basis. Further the government must lay emphasis on how to increase the production of fruits and vegetables, how to preserve them, how to import these commodities from countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Traffic separation scheme is existing today but 30 years ago we used to stop ship near Dondra Head light and purchase fruits and fish at cheap rates from the boats, many times simply by offering empty lubricating oil drums. Myanmar produces abundant quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables. The concerned ministers and the secretaries must be entrusted with this task and they must work on a regular basis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expected visit to Japan has been deferred till the conclusion of budget session. Modi’s visit is likely to take place after the parliament session. Much anticipated civilian nuclear deal can be signed during that trip, besides investment proposals from Japan for major infrastructure projects. What will you do in parliament where accusations and counter accusations only happen?

I have always been unhappy with K. Sankaranarayanan who is reluctant to quit the governor’s post of Maharashtra. He has said that no designated person has asked him to quit by giving him a written communication. He will demit the office only if a appropriate decision making authority asks him to do so. Why is he refusing to step down from the post? What will work will he do by continuing with his job? Governor’s post must be assigned to experienced professionals like Police Chiefs, Doctors, Engineers and academicians and not only to Yashwant Sinha and Lalji Tandon. These leaders have already enjoyed the fruits of office. They always talk about “ tyaga” and “ hindu virtues” but are very selfish. Modi and RSS must take a note this and appoint able leaders for this post.

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