Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Need comprehensive plan to tackle air pollution

There is a debate in the media that the Sri Lankan cricketers are being affected by the severe pollution of Delhi. Sri Lankans’ play is not up to the mark and their being affected by the cities pollution is being given as the reason for their poor show, and this is being debated as giving an excuse for one’s own poor performance. The fact that they are being criticised instead of being concerned that they have been affected by this environmental pollution is extremely annoying. Making fun of another person’s discomfort is it appropriate? Foreigners who are not used to our climate got adversely affected; can they play up to their optimum best? Our culture says ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, instead of behaving according to this we are finding fault in our guests. It is natural for the players from another country to be troubled by Delhi’s poisonous air. Comparison cannot be made between the locals and foreigners. This has mixed into our very being that we are not even aware of it and the outsiders are easily susceptible to it. This is dangerous. The foreign tourists are doing their tour in Delhi wearing a mask. They too have to endure the poisonous ait of Delhi; are we going to give them the same treatment we mete out to the Sri Lankan players? Other cities of the country are also approaching the same levels of pollution. The situation is critical and co-operation and action both from the Government and the people is expected.

Manasi Joshi

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