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Never wanted a Blade Runner sequel, says Ridley Scott

While the first reactions of ‘Blade Runner’ sequels label it as ‘groundbreaking sequel’, it seems like director of the original ‘Blade Runner’, Ridley Scott, admitted he never wanted to make a ‘Blade Runner’ sequel.

According to, the veteran filmmaker shared that he had no interest to ever make a sequel to the 1982 sci-fi epic.

While giving an interview to a website, he shared, “You change over time. At that point I had no interest in ever doing a sequel, that’s why I never did a sequel to ‘Alien’ for another 20 years, and then I thought, ‘Do you know what, I’d better go back to this.’ Because I’d done two science fiction [films], ‘Alien’ and ‘Blade Runner’, and I felt that that was it.”

Adding, “That’s enough science fiction for a career. And of course, I never realised that the awakening of the science fiction universe, over many, many films, would get so large.”

When Alcon, who bought the title and franchise, asked the filmmaker if there was a story for a potential sequel, Scott knew there was a “very clear and present and straightforward” narrative.

“We try not to repeat ourselves, and that’s why I always felt that I didn’t want to do a sequel. ‘But returning to this now, I was asked by Alcon, they said there wasn’t a story. I said ‘well, actually there’s a very clear and present and straightforward story, which opens up into a more complex universe, with all its outcomes and characters. Because the very first film is a very clear indication of what the second will be,” explained Scott.

It should be noted that the sequel to ‘Blade Runner’ titled ‘Blade Runner 2049’, which is helmed by Denis Villeneuve, stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto in pivotal roles.

The movie is slated to release on October 6 in US.

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