Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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New government should focus on good governance

Candidates belonging to various political parties are leaving no stone unturned to lure voters. They had done extensive campaigning which will improve their party’s electoral prospects. Discussions are being held everywhere about which party will emerge victorious in the Lok Sabha election. Some people are saying that BJP will form government this time while some others say that AAP will win many seats whereas some still believe that Congress will retain power. It doesn’t matter which party form the government but what matters is the policies which they will implement to pave way for the nation’s development.

Parties had made tall promises that they will work for the welfare of masses but a question which arises is are they really serious about it? After the formation of the government, parties forget about the people, who had voted for them. Before coming to power, UPA had made several promises that it will take the India forward and it will make significant progress and people’s standard of living too will improve. However, nothing has changed so far as promises tend to become mere lip-service. The country’s GDP growth too has fallen due to lack of investments and policy paralysis.

I am not targeting Congress for the nation’s poor growth rate as the BJP too is sailing in the same boat. The saffron party too failed to deliver when it had come to power. BJP too had made several promises but failed to implement after forming the government.

The nation had witnessed several scams as tax payers hard earned money went down the drain. I feel worried after hearing the news pertaining to scams. It’s the duty of the politician to work for the welfare of the nation but after getting elected they are busy filling their own pockets at the cost of tax-payers money. There are many politicians who misuse the area development fund for their personal use.

Citizens of the nation are not bothered about which party will come to power. They are keen to vote for a party which will work for the nation’s development. The new government should fulfill the promises made by them in the manifesto and should focus on good governance.

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