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New grading system needs a relook

The Mumbai University had introduced the Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course with an intention to impart indepth knowledge to students about media and produce good Journalists. If you ask BMM students whether they think that university really intends to produce efficient Journalists and Media professionals, most of them will say no.

Media is a profession which requires a candidate to gain practical knowledge by performing field work. However, the university is least bothered about imparting practical knowledge to candidates. As per the earlier rule of Mumbai University 60 per cent marks were allotted for theory and 40 per cent for practical knowledge. As per the revised rules 75 per cent marks will be allotted for theory while 25 per cent for practical work.

Thus the revised format lays more emphasis on theoretical knowledge instead of practical study. This will only force students to cram just for the sake of clearing their examinations. Thus students might rethink before taking admission for BMM course. I don’t understand what practical knowledge students will gain with these 25 marks. Students will be asked to do few assignment and projects and they won’t gain any knowledge without these tasks.

Students have to study several subjects like Photography, Internet issue of Global Media, newspaper publishing, Electronic Journalism, Editing which are practical oriented. The revised rule will have direct impact on these subjects as students won’t gain adequate practical knowledge due to reduce weightage being given to it.

I myself have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Mass Media from Thakur College therefore I am aware about the importance of practical knowledge. I have become a journalist as I have gained practical knowledge. While pursuing BMM professor had given more importance to practical knowledge instead of theory paving way for many students to become successful journalists. This policy must be continued for this academic year too. The implementation of the new grading scheme will only deny practical knowledge to students which is unfair.

Since BMM students are known for their creativity so obviously they won’t remain a mute spectator against the revised grading scheme introduced by university. They already have started raising their voice against this issue on various portals related to BMM studies like,, facebook pages like BMM bawal, BMM reference, BMM rocks. They are urging BMM students to file a petition with the Students Grievance Redressal Committee, Mumbai University. Students can visit the website to obtain information about the procedure of filing a petition. Finally, the university must rethink about its decision of introducing the 75:25 grading scheme and should continue with 60:40 grading scheme as BMM is a creative field.

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