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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Newsmakers Achievers’ Awards 2019

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newsmakers diary 1Maharashtra Day is always celebrated with sensitivity and festivity by the house of NBC, a house characterised by excellent culture and a spirit to help the downtrodden and persons afflicted in various personal calamities.

The Editor-in-chief is well recognised for accurate and fearless editorials. Correctness is synonymous with Vaidehi. Courage is synonymous with Vaidehi.

I am particularly impressed by the Directors of the NBC. Love and softness writ large on their persona.

I very strongly recommend that you buy and read the Afternoon voice. I myself refused complimentary copies and always bought from stall opposite CSMT in Fort area. Some years back, the vendor will pull it out for me, at GTB nagar station, seeing me approaching him. He knew what I liked. Sincere Best wishes to all readers of NBC publications including Beyond the News.

Today, May 1, 2019, is a great day for ‘Afternoon House’ as the Newsmakers Achievers’ Awards are given every year to the deserving candidates in various fields of life. May this 10th Newsmakers Achievers’ Awards event be as successful as the previous years’ functions. Good luck and my best wishes to all at ‘Afternoon Voice’.

My love for ‘Afternoon Voice’ will remain forever. I am writing this to congratulate you on this great achievement. I am also very happy to know that your newspaper has reached to this level in such a short span of time. This could only be achieved by your hard work and talent, Vaidehi which you keep speaking at the Award event every year. The credit for all these also goes to your editorial team for their hard work and talent who worked beyond office hours. We are really proud of you, Vaidehi as you have the ability to make the impossible possible. You almost started with nothing and then reached to such a great level. I hope your newspaper performs even well in the future too.

It has been quite a journey for this newspaper since it was first established in 2009 and I am very proud today of how it has grown into a sleek, stylish, and informational newspaper that it is now. Keeping people abreast of the latest information in varied fields has become an important element of serving them and helping them develop intellectually and economically.

I am proud to be associated with this newspaper and write for it since its inception and will continue writing for this wonderful newspaper even in the future when I turn old and my hairs will turn grey.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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