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Nirbhaya rape case verdict-an eye opener

There was overwhelming response for the verdict delivered by Supreme Court in Nirbhaya’s rape case in Delhi. Being in a civil society, in this case a public hanging was needed to set an example for an everyday menace and prove to be an eye opener.  After all this is happening inside a bus, the position did not improve in this country and as per the National Crime Records Bureau, a woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. Many sociologists and social commentators have attempted to analyse the various factors that could be leading up to this alarming rise in the number of rapes.  It is time to hand out a severe punishment? This is a landmark verdict and it is the first one for such heinous crime.  It is also time to play the details of the verdict of death to rapists in cinemas before a film starts to create public awareness. In this regard, justice for Nirbhaya will not be complete till the time the then juvenile, Mohammed Afroz is also punished with a death sentence as he is a major now.  Even hanging the four criminals is not enough justice but it should serve as a reminder that’s how India deals with this crime. Nirbhaya rape case verdict should open the Pandora’s box and make sure that such crimes must be reported without fear to get justice and not to hidden away and give the rape killers more Jyotis to fall prey.

Nickhil Mani

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