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Friday, December 1, 2023
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No relief to Aryan Khan: Releasing any accused will hinder investigation: ASG

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aryan khan, aryan, ndps, drugs case, cruise drug case, shah rukh khan, pooja dadlani, srkAryan Khan’s newly-appointed lawyer Amit Desai on Wednesday told the special NDPS court that the NCB’s allegation that Aryan was part of an illicit international drug trafficking ring is absurd and being ‘dumped on his casually’ especially because the drug agency didn’t recover any contraband from him and has not even recorded his fresh statement since October 5.

The Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Anil C Singh argues in Court against Aryan Khan: “My contention is so far we have arrested 20 persons, and out of them, 4 are drug peddlers. Commercial quantity was found with them one of them. Aachen and Shivraj were drug peddlers. The reason I am pointing this out is that in a case of conspiracy, it is not necessary that with all the accused, commercial quantity is found or intermediary quantity is found Small, commercial, or no quantity, if Section 29 NDPS Act applies, then there is a conspiracy. When Section 29 is applied, the person who is charged with the offence will be punished with the same offence as the conspirator.”

“They are some young kids. In many countries these substances are legal. Let us not penalize in bail. Let us not make it worse for them. They have suffered enough; they have learned their lesson, if at all. They are not peddlers, racketeers, or traffickers” said Senior Advocate Amit Desai.

ASG Anil Singh for NCB told the court, “This is a responsible agency. The entire nation is concerned with drug issues, drug addiction. College students. It is not only crippling the economy but also otherwise. We have to find out who all are involved in this. We are told Aryan Khan was invited to the cruise but where is the invitation? As of today, Khan and Merchant arrest 20 persons including paddlers and communications with drug peddlers. I showed what Sapp chat with specific reference to bulk quantity. Obviously, someone will not refer to bulk for his own consumption.”

Initially, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), in its reply to the special court, said that Aryan Khan used to procure contraband from friend Arbaaz Merchant. The agency accused Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s 23-year-old son of being an integral part of a drug nexus. They added that Aryan is in touch with people who are a part of the ‘international drug network’ for the illegal procurement of drugs.

Meanwhile, SRK’s manager Puja Dadlani filed an application before the court, requesting it to allow her in for a hearing as Aryan’s representative. The case came to the special court after a magistrate’s court rejected its plea on the ground that it did not have the jurisdiction to decide on the matter.


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