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Noise pollution during Ganesh festival

Ganpati Bappa will bring us peace and prosperity. Well this is definitely a festival of fun, joy and frolic, but the devotees will have a plan to have eco friendly way of celebrating the festival. Please go through the process and plan for pollution free peaceful Ganpati festival this year and in the years to come. With environmental concerns gaining too much ground, many of the well-wishers of Lord Ganesha in the city have started to conduct environmental friendly Ganesh Utsav celebrations this year. So it is our earnest desire to avoid pollution and safeguarding the interest of the people. We look at three aspects concerning pollution of the Metro City in general and overall health hazards of people living here in particular.

Paint from Ganesh Idols could form a deadly cocktail with oil spill on the sea may cause environmental problem after Ganpati immersion on Anant Chathurthi day.  The oil paint contains carcinogenic heavy metal such as lead, mercury and chromium which have an adverse effect on marine life as well.  The Plaster of Paris used in the idols also takes a long time to dissolve as per the analysis of environmentalist. Ganpati festival in the past saw the noise levels reaching a new high and the people in the Metro will have to bear the noise level reaching peak on the visarjan day. Another major urban pollutant in cities during festivities is the use of loud speakers. The noise levels needs to be curtailed to the permissible limit to avoid disturbances to hospitals and senior citizens. This is a responsibility that rests with each and every one of us.

Once should celebrate Ganpati Festival in the most peaceful way. The immersion of idols in the ponds is a nuisance and the water gets contaminated with paint, oil and other chemicals. Thus the water is becoming useless.

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