Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Do not spread harmful toxins

The need of the hour is the waste management in a proper way in Mumbai city. Housing societies in the city have taken the right initiative to dispose e- waste in a very practical way. Dumping of toxic waste is hazardous to the environment as well, as to human health. Recycling or reusing it is the best method to get rid of e-waste and one can get good quality stuff at cheaper rates. This will help poor and downtrodden people to get them at affordable prices. It can provide the electronic items to the underprivileged at a low cost. It is our earnest desire not to throw poisonous wastes into dustbins especially used batteries as these wind up causing a damage to the ecosystem and hence try to dispose of the waste properly. Solid waste management through smart solutions to make roads clean and to ensure a healthy environment is considered as an important factor for smart cities. Recycling of waste will produce renewable energy, ensures safe disposal of solid waste, prevents soil and environmental pollution and reduces depletion of resources. There lies the real success and help to dispose e-waste toxins causing harm to health in the best way possible.

Abhishek Rama

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