Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Now, Indians are started believing they are Indians

All the genuine secular Indians like me were extremely glad to read the news that the Muslim organisations have put giant sized hoardings and posters indicating their wholehearted support to the construction of the world famous Shree Ram Temple in Ayodhya. This sensible gesture shows mature Muslim people’s love for harmony and maturity. De facto, disharmony leads to all round destruction of all the Indians indiscriminately. In fact, the unfortunate demolition of the disputed structure was the undesired echo of the Indira Gandhi’s divisive, vote bank motivated, malicious, dirtiest politics since 1969, followed by her successor ‘Gandhi’ mom and son duo till date. Honestly speaking, since 1969 Indira Gandhi started to remind the Muslims that they are ‘Muslims.’ Indira Gandhi’s such divisive step suddenly reminded me that I am not an Indian, but I am a ‘Hindu.’ But fortunately, now all the Muslims have realized that Congress means nothing but corruption and black money for all the future elections. And all the Indians have started to believe strongly that they are Indians, and not Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Buddhists, Parsis etc.

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