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Old wine in a new bottle

The blame game is the main agenda for the election time and we heard abuses all the way in the wake of polling in various states. After a lull in the beginning, the attacks and counter-attacks followed in a high pitch and the people hate to hear the abuses all the way. It all started from Award Wapsi and intolerance and goes beyond that with personal attacks against each other.

When it came first at the Chaiwala by the senior politician, it helped out the Saffron party and this time around the last stage, the same topic came to prominence once again. Some of them even lamented that the senior politician is in the payroll of the ruling party to pass on such comments to help them out at the crucial period of the election. No doubt this is overall ‘Neech’ politics in India. Mani Shankar Aiyar sabotaged the Congress Victory in 2017 Gujarat Elections with such Press statement. Now, he is doing the same sabotage for the 2019 Elections.

We never heard Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru or A.B. Vajpayee using harsh words on anyone. The election should be won only on cherished principles and not on personal assault on individuals. Politicians — Do you want the future of India to learn these from you. Derogatory comments also give way for violence later. Mind 1.3 billion people living in peaceful existence is handed over to elect representatives, and this is not definitely the method to get elected by resorting to verbal abuses on both sides. Hope some consensus is reached between parties to evolve some principles on campaigning, and the EC enforcing it tooth and nail to all the people concerned. It is not just a fish market to shower abuses.

This is total frustration that is coming out in the open and this activity appears to be one of pinching the child and simultaneously rocking the cradle. This type of attitude needs to be condemned and some decorum should be maintained in the political circle in the use of filthy language. We completely reject and condemn the remarks of the likes of Mani Shankar Aiyar and every other person who is violating the time-tested principle of self-discipline in political discourse, of mutual respect and adherence to ideas and ideology, and not to verbally abuse while fighting an election.

Chowkidar jibe echoed in the Supreme Court also and the President of the party was forced to apologise in the end. INS Viraat issue came into prominence after 32 years. What happened on INS Viraat is known to everyone and it is in the public domain. The clear misuse of the Army, Navy and Air Force is highly condemnable and just shedding crocodile tears are not the final answer to the pressing problem. However, the person pointing out the misuse is found fault in the end.

I am pushing for a new language in politics and a new code of conduct. Let us fight each other brutally on issues and attend Parliament without paralysing its functioning and allow the bills passed without delay. Let us fight hard on ideology and allow the Parliament to function throughout its session without interruptions and make sure that MPs are paid for performing their duties in a peaceful way. Let us not use hatred and violence against each other. It is time to work on polished politics and not pester on petty politics. It also appears that the present-day politics is preserving hatred and that is served time and again as though it is old wine in a new bottle.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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