Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Our dear PM Modiji

Whatever you say, you can’t beat him on cleverness. See, on the last day of Karnataka canvassing, what place he has chosen to go, to remain one up on the others.

His great acting, voice modulation, carrot and stick are unmatched and public falls for this and Modiji knows it very well. The public does not mind being hungry if they are given drama to watch.

Now, Modiji is encouraging lumpen elements and titillating their emotions to gain their votes. The real problem is how these people are going to find gainful employment after the electoral drama ends. The job of a good leader is not to misguide or misuse the masses but to harness their energies for constructive purposes. We don’t have good trainers, good teachers. Our government must bring in substantial number of foreigners to enrich our education/training.

On television, it was being shown that Agra has acute shortage of clean drinking water. The need of the hour is not to explore the birth place of Sitaji but to explore the methods of making clean drinking water available.

We are wasting time on Jinnah — it’s like flogging a dead horse. You can’t do “vikas” by calling Sonia Gandhi by her Italian name. You will do much better by bringing in Italian, Japanese, Korean and Croatian technicians to supplement skill development. Modiji must concentrate on such constructive agendas rather than ridiculing Rahul Gandhi.

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