Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Overdose of depressant pills or a plot to eliminate Indrani Mukerjea?

The health of jail inmates is the state governments responsibility and it really is fishy to learn that Indrani Mukerjea was found in a critical condition after reportedly overdose of depressant pills. How can a prisoner take an overdose of any pills when medicines given and taken by prisoners are monitored by jail authorities? Indrani’s case is a sensitive matter as not just a lot of money is at stake but she has been an eye witness to even former FM’s and his son’s wrongdoings in financial frauds in the past. The overdose incident also is a repeat and there is every possibility to eliminate her which needs stringent investigations.

Our judicial system too needs a revamp, more so the conditions of our prison cells that are not just dirty but overcrowded as well. 24 hours live monitoring through CCTV cameras & other gadgets of prisoners is the least the government can do to safeguard prisoners who too are human and have rights of safety that needs to be respected!

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