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Palaniswami should play his cards close to his chest

Like the game of cricket, politics is also becoming a tricky game as the two factions in AIADMK fight for supremacy in Tamil Nadu state.  O Panneerselvam is more popular because of his simple nature and the capacity to solve crucial issues in the absence of Amma. Despite being number two throughout his career in politics, he was better than the devil as he handled the crisis better than anybody else. He handled the Tsunami like warning with tact and with much precision. Jallikattu issue took a serious turn and he took upon on himself with a friendly talk with PM and Home Minister and came with a solution. The oil slick also did not bother him much as he used manpower to make it a more meaningful one from an eco-friendly way. This and all did not make O. Panneerselvam more powerful but in the minds of people he did make an impact. As Sasikala man E. Palaniswami should make both ends of pleasing the leader and become popular among people. As a remote control, she will haunt all his plans even if he wishes to go ahead with the welfare schemes of Amma.

Nickhil Mani

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