Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Paying price for pakodas

National level parties like Congress and BJP are waging war of words as the Pakoda comment is paying heavy price for the Congress party. First it was Mani Shankar Aiyar’s Chaiwalla comment which brought victory for BJP in 2014 General elections and now the Pakodas comment going a long way in Rajya Sabha. BJP was waiting to pay P Chidambaram in his own coin. The former finance minister was trying to take a leaf out of Mani Shankar Aiyar’s books by bringing pakoda to the floor of the house and now feeling the pressure. Amit Shah chose the appropriate words to attack UPA’s scam filled rules of a decade. The Congress is in total predicament with Karnataka elections coming up soon. If a tea-seller can become the Prime Minister, who knows one day the next generation of a pakoda seller may become an industrialist and go high up in the ladder. Congress party leaders are finding the going tough in election front and trying to play vote bank politics. Congress is facing a heavy downfall in the history of Indian politics and failed to come up to the terms as 19 of the Indian states are under the control of BJP and the chances of few more falling into the hands of BJP in the offing as the saffron party is on the cards soon. Shah serves pakodas hot and crisp to Congress with a sip of tea as well in the floor of Rajya Sabha. From here on it, is a matter of time that political equations go against the age old Congress party in other states as well.  Congress party leaders should mince words before opening their mouth and see that BJP should not get an added advantage out of that.


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