Sunday, September 26, 2021
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People converting invalid notes into legal tender

You cannot withdraw your own money even upto the stipulated limit of 24000 per week set by the government because banks don’t have cash while tons of new currency have been seized all across the country in I.T raids from the house of the powerful which clearly indicate a new scam  that needs to be investigated. Bank employees have played foul and government needs to identify all those rotten apples and sack them from their jobs. Demonetization exercise was actually done to curb ‘Black Money’. However, some people made a business out of it by converting old notes into new ones for an hefty kickback which then raises a question mark over the whole exercise which cost the nation a bomb when it came to many man-hours lost due to unemployment, job losses, no business for want of valid currency etc. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should now directly target the super-rich corrupt who derailed the demonetization drive. The government must recover the money they made out of this exercise so that gains of notes ban can still accrue to the country which can then be utilised for nation building!

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