Thursday, October 28, 2021
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People enjoying winter in Mumbai

It is Shimla in Mumbai and unexpected cool temperatures has brought joy to the city’s residents. Temperatures below 15 degrees is a rare phenomenon and people truly are enjoying and adjusting their lifestyle to take advantage of the climate. You tend to eat more in such a climate and most Mumbaikars including myself are ‘overeating’ their choicest food mostly sweets and fried items which one usually avoid as digestion improves during cold winters.

It is a great time for exercises and jogging and people enjoy their workouts by burning calories gained by eating their favourite foods. You tend to sweat a lot in Mumbai weather round the year but this is a rare time where you enjoy to wear your choicest pullovers, shawls and winter wear and the colourful clothing itself is a joy to watch. Citizens need to protect the environment and over the years temperatures can drop one or two degrees if more and more trees are planted and green locales are encouraged. Make hay while the sun shines is a famous proverb but we are enjoying the winter till it lasts!

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