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People obsessed with Modi

Can you recollect the scene in which a young boy rushes out of the latrine desperately to watch Amitabh Bachchan in the Oscar winning film? Today, the common man is behaving in similar manner and is rushing to see Modi and chant his name like a mentally retarded person. I saw an interview of Maharashtra BJP president Devendra Fadnavis with Anuradha Prasad. I felt that at times, she was attempting to reprimand him for his arrogance but failed to do so, lest he may harm her after accidentally becoming the Chief Minister of Maharashtra after 19th October when the assembly election results are out.

Nobel Peace prize winner Kailash Satyarthi has offered to assist Modi for implementing the ideal village scheme. It will be good to involve Mr Satyarthi because he possesses grassroot experience and patience to work minus the publicity. The MP’s alone cannot perform this task. Even for campaigning activities they need to hire and lure the locals, while keeping their makeup intact. Growing population is the biggest malaise fortified by the illegal influx of migrants from Bangladesh. How many toilets will you build, how much water will you be able to provide? Yes, water management is the most important aspect today.

You can live without electricity but cannot survive without water. All efforts must be put for recycling waste water for usage in fields and flower beds. Abu Dhabi has become green by adopting such methods, which have become common in many countries. So, let us seek assistance from foreign countries, involve local workers and commence this program with immediate effect. Learn drip irrigation from the Israelis and implement it towards “one drop, more crop”. Modi must start talking about this topic instead of repeating like a parrot by saying, “Mere se sau din ka hisab maang rahen hai.”

Please stop spoiling the masses and assign jobs to them. The skill development programme must be widely publicized and the results should be reported. How many electricians and plumbers have undergone training? There is requirement of skilled work force in every sector. Our country has them but many more are needed. People must respect scientists and artisans. They are the real nation builders and not politicians who are fighting for one seat and increasing garbage, noise and traffic jams on the roads.

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