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People voted for change

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said that the BJP had come to power as the common man voted for change. He also added that a single person can’t take credit for the victory. Bhagawat’s statements came after Narendra Modi had lauded the efforts of Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh for the saffron party’s impressive performance in election. People were fed up with the silence of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and foolishness of Rahul Gandhi and desperately wanted a change. Now, the RSS leaders are also human and they are being sidelined by the NDA government.

Justice Markandey Katju has been exposing corruption prevalent in the judiciary. If he points out one specific corruption allegation against a BJP leader he may quickly be called in for a chair of profit. General allegations don’t seem to bother them because everybody is aware that corruption is prevalent in judiciary like other departments. Judges accept money from the agents and the lawyers as is the case with almost all services across India. Narendra Modi had promised that he will eliminate corruption after BJP comes to power. However, Modi is smart, after occupying office, he is not speaking because he knows that all corrupt people occupying high offices will gang up against him and start supporting L.K Advani or Rajnath Singh. Who wants to risk his chair by trying to curb corruption?

Therefore, corruption will continue to remain in the country for the next 50 years and hereafter Lok Sabha elections cannot be fought without paying 2 to 5 crores per seat. Baba Ramdev too doesn’t have any option except to say that foreign money will take time to come to our pockets. “Abto bhai phans gaye ho, ab bhanse raho”.

However, I will not criticise Modi and his government for another three months. Let them settle down before we judge them.
Nitin Gadkari should be asked to visit Netherlands to meet experts in dredging. If Gadkari entrusts this work to our DCI, they will siphon off the entire money without commensurate results and later there will be no use crying over spilled milk. Similarly, he must ask the SCI to improve its performance and enhance profitability. He must ask them to buy at least one floating dock and put a ship in it for dry docking. They will try to wriggle out but tell them, I will get you Chinese assistance for this but you must work with them and show results.

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