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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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People voted for change

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Finally the BJP led NDA government has come into power by defeating the Congress party by a massive margin. This is the first time after 1984 any party has secured majority to form the government on its own. BJP itself has won 282 seats while the NDA alliance led by the party has won 336 seats which will enable them to form a government at the centre comfortably. After the Mandal era no major party has been able to secure majority and it had to seek the help of allies to form the government at the centre which is a tough task as one has to keep every party happy and also bear their tantrums. Many allies even threatened to withdraw support to the ruling party over trivial issues which results into collapse of the government.

People were unhappy with the rule of UPA government which was responsible for its failure to control inflation, corruption and fall of the rupee. Several scams like CWG, Coalgate, Adarsh Scam, Chopper scam, 2G spectrum scam, Railgate had been unearthed during the reign of the Congress party led UPA government. Later, social activist Anna Hazare had begun a campaign against the government to pass the Lokpal Bill. Hazare toured various states and asked people to vote the Congress party out of power for its failure to eliminate corruption.

The UPA government received flak for its inability to control rising inflation. Whenever journalists used to ask Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar about rising prices he would express his inability to curtail price rise. The UPA government’s decision to cap the number of subsidised cylinder to 6 per year had an adverse affect on citizens. As a result of this, huge confusion prevailed among people as many households were denied cylinders. Women were miffed with Congress decision as they distanced themselves from the party. Even though the number of subsidised cylinders were raised from 6 to 9 and to 12 per year but the damage was already done.

On the other hand, BJP appointed Narendra Modi as the chairman of election coordination committee. Modi revived the fortunes of the saffron party as he campaigned across the nation and held 437 rallies. Even though Congress attacked Modi several times but he remained unperturbed by it. Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar went a step ahead by saying that a chaiwallah can’t become the prime minister of the country. Modi nonetheless turned the tide in his favour by organising the ‘Chai per Charcha’ campaign as party workers discussed about his party’s policies and work done by him in Gujarat.

Rahul Gandhi was spearheading the rallies for Congress party but he was unable to connect with the masses and was completely overshadowed by Modi. Rahul lacked experience to take on a leader like Modi who has already proved himself in Gujarat. The slogan AB Ki Baar Modi Sarkar was chanted by everyone across the nation. Modi used technology like social media and google hangouts to communicate with voters.

There was a huge anti-incumbency factor against the Congress across the nation as people voted for BJP in large numbers which paved way for the Congress party’s debacle. Thus people voted for change this time instead of relying on tried and tested formula of caste based politics and minority appeasement. There were many loyal Congess voters who voted for the BJP as they were unhappy with the party’s performance. Finally, Modi has his work cut out and will have to deliver on the promises made by him and take fast-paced decision for sake of the nation’s development.

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