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WHAT! Pierce Brosnan mistakenly ate a rat!


Actor Pierce Brosnan says he mistakenly ate rat while shooting for a film in Nigeria.

The 63-year-old actor says he thought he had been offered beef and was left feeling ill after eating the rodent skin, reported Female First.

“(The worst thing I’ve put in my mouth) is rat. I was in Nigeria making a movie called ‘Mister Johnson’ and we went into town one night and there were these delicacies on a stick. I thought it was beef, but it was rat skin. I was sick for a week,” Brosnan says

The star, who is good at baking, says he enjoys making breads but has not done it for a while.

“I used to bake bread – I was a good baker of soda bread – but I haven’t picked up a pot in a long time.

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