Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Pity People On Petrol Price Hike

The first of April saw, Petrol and diesel prices being hiked and it is not a good news for the people.  For every increase in price—prices of vegetables, fruits and food grains all go up resulting in resentment among people. Having faced price rise for most of last year, additional price rise because of fuel cost increases burden on housewives very much.  With a marginal increase in dearness allowance, the people of Mumbai face high price rise. The fuel price hike will have an impact on food grains and other commodities, vegetables and fruits. By facing such a tight situation it is very difficult to survive in this commercial capital.  The common man is the target all the time.  Rich is becoming richer and the poor are going poorer all the time.  April fool’s day saw the government is just robbing Paul to pay Peter. Petrol price crossed Rs 73.73 per litre and diesel cost Rs 64.58. There is no one to address the basic problems of the people and the sufferings will go on forever whether it is NDA or UPA ruling the country.


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