Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Plastic menace continues

Eighty four thousand kilos of plastic bags accounted for the bulk of garbage, which in turn clog the drainage system and make life miserable during the monsoon season. Civic body failed to achieve a fair result in banning plastic bags and the menace continue. Even BMC drive against plastic bags loses steam due to various reasons, which includes administrative exigencies. Of late the plastic menace had taken the country by storm. So, plastic-free zones are created. But the response is not so encouraging and the public turned to plastic bags despite caution from the State and Central Governments. By banning plastic bags we try our best to combat Plastic menace. It is the utmost duty of the residents of Navi Mumbai to maintain the city neat and clean. First of all the use of plastic needs to be avoided totally. That is the root cause for blockage of drainage system and that causes water stagnation in the city.  Water stagnation is the major reason for the breeding of mosquitoes.

Abhisheck Ramaswamy

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