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PM Modi’s wife Jashodaben observes fast at Azad Maidan against razing of hutments

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben observed a day-long fast in solidarity with a cause for slum-dwellers here demanding that government should not demolish hutments during monsoon season.

Jashodaben Modi-AVJashodaben said razing the dwellings during rains will do “injustice” to slum-dwellers.

She was here to support ‘Good Samaritan Mission’, a charitable trust founded by Peter Paul, which organised the protest for the cause.

“I am here to support the cause taken up by Mission. I strongly uphold the demand that hutments should never be demolished in monsoon season. This is sheer injustice to those who are forced to live in slums,” Jashodaben said in her brief address at Azad Maidan, the venue of the protest.

She has been closely associated with the charitable organisation since last year, which is working for the welfare of destitute, orphan street children and mentally-ill people.

Paul, the founder of the Mission in Mumbai, said, “Everyone has the right to live in this country. If a destitute person lives in shanties, then government should make sure that shanties are never demolished in rainy season.

“But unfortunately, when a destitute living in shanty is thrown out under the sky in in the monsoon, then he/she becomes vulnerable to so many deadly diseases,” he said.

Since last 12 years, Paul has been running Vijay Ashram in suburban Vikhroli for the destitute males with a 30-bed rehabilitation centre, besides shelters for girls and street kids.

Paul thanked Jashodaben for her support.

He said the Mission has already requested Central and Maharashtra governments to stop demolishing hutments during monsoon.

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