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PM presided over most corrupt government in independent India: Advani

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BJP leader LK Advani on Sunday accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of presiding over the “most corrupt government in independent India”.
In a blog post, the Bharatiya Janata Party doyen wrote that as his second term draws to an end Manmohan Singh leaves behind a trail of scams and tainted governance.

Advani wrote, “Starting with the scandals that surfaced during the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, then proceeding to the 2 G Spectrum scams, most of the scams that came to light under Congress governments were exposures made by the C.A.G. or the judiciary and related to bribes allegedly received by ministers/officials in government for illegal favours extended to the bribe givers (sic).”

Spelling the worst of scams during the UPA tenure, Advani said he felt that the “most disgraceful scam” that came to light during UPA-I was the cash-for-votes scam. “It was an episode following the Left Front’s withdrawal of support to the UPA. Government in protest against the UPA striking a deal with Washington on the nuclear issue.”

“With this development, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Government came face to face with a grave crisis and had to face a confidence vote in which it could have well been ousted, (sic),” said Advani.

The senior BJP leader had come down heavily on the pepper-spraying incident in the Lok Sabha over Telangana bifurcation and continuing his tirade against such unruly behaviour of MPs had said the last 10 years have seen the worst in Parliament’s history.

He wrote, “The limits of unsavory behavior were crossed the next day when……a Congress Party MP pulled out a black pepper spray and started spraying it all around so that several MPs including Smt. Sushma Swaraj had tears in her eyes, and many others were seen coughing in acute discomfort (sic).”

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